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Short Intro of Me - carvell - 01-30-2014

Hello! I'm Carvell and new here. I live in London. I'm looking forward to have great and relevant discussion here.

RE: Short Intro of Me - ShizzK - 11-11-2014

Hi, I'm jay and newbie also, so I want to get the new anything from here. You can discuss to me anymore.

RE: Short Intro of Me - Mr.Tim - 11-12-2014

Hi every one. I'm Dat, a new member . Thank you

RE: Short Intro of Me - Luckdeptrai - 04-10-2015

Hi all decent, my name and the name Lam Luck and love my dog.
I am currently in Vietnam and I was a student, I'd love to get acquainted with all.
I will tell you the beauty of the human Vietnam me.